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Perhaps Iconic has become an overused word. Maybe 'Quintessential" or "Epitome"

would be better words to describe the accumulated credits of Bruce Dees.


If Elvis Presley sits at the top of the heap, perhaps James Brown sits there with him.

Bruce has worked with both. Ray Charles and Johnny Cash also belong to the musical, royal family to which Bruce has added his masterful talents.


As a guitarist, singer, producer, arranger, recording engineer, mix-master, and mastering engineer, Bruce has worked with the artists that define the popular music of our times.


Bruce Dees developed his recording chops in Augusta, Georgia. He recorded a series of James Brown hits, as well as the music of the Mighty Clouds of Joy.


The move to Nashville introduced Bruce to Ronnie Milsap and the 26 number one hit records that they subsequently did together.


Add Chet Atkins, Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Willie Nelson and Kenny Rogers into the mix and Bruce Dees’ talent, experience and chops continue to demonstrate his “in demand” status as a multi-talented hitmaker.


Bruce Dees' accumulated experience is not restricted to a genre, a time or a place.

He has written and produced commercials for McDonalds, United Airlines, Hostess products, Kellogg's cereals and American Airlines, among others. He has played or sung on 40 plus, number one records. Bruce has won BMI awards as a songwriter, and Gospel Music awards and publisher awards for Southern Gospel Music Guild Song of the Year.


Currently, Bruce is engaged in many recording projects based out of his Nashville studio, his Offrow Record label and publishing company.


Bruce Dees has seamlessly made the transition to embrace all the bells and whistles that contemporary technology offers.  He maintains state of the art recording systems. At the same time, Bruce has collected a distinctive selection of guitars and amps that compliment any recording needs.


Southern Rock, Metal, Bluegrass, Modern Country, Pop, Soul and R&B are all second nature to Bruce. He continues to do them all at the highest level of commitment and professionalism.


Bruce has become a Nashville 'maven'.  He has access to, and close friendships with the creme de la creme of musicians for any kind of project.


Bruce Dees... producer, engineer mixer, guitarist singer.


Bruce Dees…The epitome of the quintessential icon.

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